Nick Kroll, John Mulaney’s Big Mouth gets Season 3


Big Mouth has already gotten a tap from Netflix for a third season. The hit animated series from John Mulaney and Nick Kroll got the renewal after Season 2 debuted last month. Netflix made the announcement on the show’s Twitter.

The announcement came shortly after Kroll sat down for a table read at the Vulture Festival Los Angeles. At the event, he shared one joke with the audience that was deemed ‘too raunchy’ even for Big Mouth. In a scene where one (of his many) characters receives oral sex, Kroll describes, “Rick is like ‘suck my sick little dick,’ and we see him pull a thermometer out of his little dick and there’s a spurt of blood that comes out after. Netflix was like, ‘How would you feel about not having that?’”

Big Mouth is the hit animated comedy series that is showing its adult audience just how much they were never taught about their bodies. When it feels ‘too real’, it’s probably because it is. Writer Mark Levin said, “Whenever we interviewed a writer for the show we’d always say, ‘Tell us about what it was like when you had your first period, or what it was like when you were caught masturbating.’” This new season introduced a new character, Shame Wizard, which has been widely accepted by critics. We’re hoping that Netflix gets as impatient releasing Season 3 as it was announcing it.