Kevin Hart’s homophobic past is catching up with him

Kevin Hart is in hot water for some homophobic tweets coming back to haunt him. Earlier this week, it was announced that Hart will host the 2019 Oscars. Shortly after the announcement, Twitter started shining a light on tweets, mostly from 2009-2011, where the Night School star made homophobic comments and used anti-gay slurs. Aside from comedian’s habitual use of the word fag, Hart also talks about his son and

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Exclusive: Meet the man suing Conan O’Brien for joke theft (Interview)

Most, if not all, comedy writers dream of performing on, writing for, or hosting a late night talk show. The opportunity to showcase your abilities to millions of viewers at home is at the peak of many comedians’ dreams. So imagine you’re watching The Tonight Show (or Late Show or Full Frontal) and see one of your beloved jokes come out of the mouth of the host…and you weren’t attributed.

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Viral humorists like Megan Amram rise from the Twitter trash heap (Opinion)

Ten years ago, you could be a comedian without a social media presence. Back in 2008, saying, “Oh, I’m not on Twitter,” or even, “What’s Twitter?” was commonplace. If you can believe it, there were comedians wary of putting their material on the internet for free or worried someone across the country would steal their jokes. But something has changed. While those who achieved celebrity status before the mid-2000s can

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Nick Di Paolo calls 12-year-old girl ‘dumb cunt’ on Twitter

Comedian Nick Di Paolo took to Twitter Friday afternoon to shame one of the nine covers released by Glamour for their Women of the Year edition. The cover features five of the student activists behind March for Our Lives, a group formed to combat gun violence in schools in the wake of the Parkland shooting. One of those students is 12-year-old Naomi Wadler. Di Paolo tweeted, “Fuck these dumb cunts and

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Vote for the Worst Twitter Joke Formats

Twitter used to be great, but now is so much greater. — Said no one ever. Ouch. Bad joke. But is it the Worst Twitter Joke Format? You can help decide in this bracket-style competition election, created by Michelle Spies, a Chicago-based contribu…

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Why is Kanye West tweeting Rick and Morty memes?

Kayne West loves Rick and Morty. The controversial rapper was all over the news this week for distancing himself from politics after multiple endorsements of the Trump administration. But there is a more important Kanye story developing this week: the Yeezus rapper seems to be obsessed with the Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty. The show’s fans are also no strangers to media scrutiny. Some have infamously targeted female

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Simpsons showrunner disputes Apu write-off reports

The Simpsons are playing clean-up after an Indiewire interview with producer Adi Shankar claimed that the beloved Kwik-E-Mart shopkeep will be written off the animated series. Showrunner Al Jean tweeted, “Adi Shankar is not a producer on the Simpsons. I wish him the very best but he does not speak for our show.” Shankar responded, “Let’s work towards common ground.” The producer has been running a scriptwriting competition for diverse

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6 hilarious Twitter accounts that don’t even do stand-up

You may be following a bunch of professional comedians and writers on Twitter, but that is by no means the limits of finding the funny online. Here are some of the best non-comedian Twitter accounts you should be following right now! @chrissyteigen Okay, you knew this one would be on this list. The model and TV personality revealed to the world that she is also funny as hell, whether dunking

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David Baddiel has the last laugh at his online trolls

Twitter abuse proves rich source of material for new standup show

If there’s one thing even the most stupid and bigoted of internet trolls may soon learn, it’s to be wary of getting into an argument with a funny Jewish guy on Twitter – particularly if that guy happens to be David Baddiel.

The multi-talented comedian and children’s novelist finds his constant battles with internet trolls on social media so amusing and illuminating that he is creating a new standup show to explore what provocative online conversations reveal about modern discourse.

I’ve got into online debates where people are being racist about Jews but don’t even understand they’re being racist

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Billy Eichner back on the street in mini web series

We haven’t seen the last of Billy on the Street. I HAVE SOME NEWS…BILLY ON THE STREET is COMING BACK!!!!!!! With special guests EMMA STONE, TIFFANY HADDISH, LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA, KATE McKINNON and MORE!!! LET’S GO LESBIANS, LET’S GO!!!!!! — billy eichner (@billyeichner) September 5, 2018 Eichner announced today: “These 8 new segments will be […]

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