Susan Calman: ‘When was I happiest? Dancing with Kevin Clifton on Strictly’

The comedian and writer on her fear of flying, Adrian Mole and sniffing her cats’ pawsBorn in Glasgow, Susan Calman, 44, was a lawyer before becoming a standup in 2006. She was in the Channel 4 sketch show, Blowout, which won a Scottish Bafta in 2007, …

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Episode #234: Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia was installing heaters and air conditioners at 33 when a song parody he wrote about OJ Simpson caught the attention of a Long Island radio DJ named Gregg Hughes. Hughes invited Cumia to sit in with him, and from there, The Opie and Anthon…

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Netflix is launching a comedy channel on SiriusXM by the beginning of 2019

Netflix is flexing its streaming muscle and taking it to a new platform. This week, they announced a partnership with… MORE

Netflix is launching a comedy channel on SiriusXM by the beginning of 2019 appeared first on The Laugh Button.

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Get your hands off my double entendres! Is the smutty pun now under attack?

It is Britain’s favourite type of humour, the go-to gag for everyone from Carry On stars to Bake Off hosts. But are fnarr fnarr jokes just another example of male sexual entitlement?

If you want a double entendre, I’ll give you one. They pop up all over the place: on risque chat shows hosted by Graham Norton and Alan Carr, on the Radio 1 mainstay Innuendo Bingo and on Mrs Brown’s Boys, the hit BBC sitcom saturated in smut that attracts seven million viewers.

You can’t watch an episode of The Great British Bake Off without having soggy bottoms, moist ladyfingers and manhandled dough balls shoved down your throat. Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins may have gone, taking with them such exclamations as “Time to reveal your cracks!”, but Noel Fielding has cheerfully filled their hole. “If there’s an opportunity for exposed bottoms, we should embrace it,” he said during his debut season. With 11 million viewers, he certainly enjoyed a big opening.

On a horse-riding holiday in Morocco, Mr Gimlet ‘paid £10 for the privilege of being tossed off by a frisky young Arab’

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Sir Ken Dodd obituary

Comedian with an endless desire to make people laugh known for his tickling sticks, Diddymen and marathon stage performances

The last great “front-cloth” comic of our times, and the last standing true vaudevillian, Ken Dodd, who has died aged 90, was even more than that – a force of nature, a whirlwind, an ambulant torrent of surreal invention, physical and verbal, whose Liverpudlian cheek masked the melancholy of an authentic clown. “This isn’t television, missus,” he’d say to the front stalls, “you can’t turn me off.” And then he would embark on an odyssey of gag-spinning that, over five hours, would beat an audience into submission, often literally, banging a huge drum and declaring that if we did not like the jokes he would follow us home and shout them through the letter-box.

He entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1974 with a marathon mirth-quake at the Royal Court Liverpool lasting three hours, 30 minutes and six seconds. But his solo shows, in which he would perform three 90-minute-plus sets between magic acts, or a female trumpeter (the formidable Joan Hinde), or a pianist playing country music (his partner Anne Jones), frequently lasted much longer. One good thing, he would say, was that you always went home in the daylight. “And the sooner you laugh at the jokes,” he would say, “the sooner you can go home,” as if we were in school. He admitted that his was an educational show – when you did get home you would think: “That taught me a lesson!”

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Looking Back at Alan Partridge’s First Show: 25 Years of Alan Partridge Featuring Alan Partridge

There is a chance, especially if you are living in America, that you may not know who Alan Partridge is. Played by Steve Coogan, Partridge is easily one of most popular personalities to emerge from England alongside David Brent and Ali G. Alan is a parody of the worst of British television hosts, complete with […]

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Nikki Glaser lands morning radio show with Comedy Central on SiriusXM

Nikki Glaser is still very much in the business of working with Comedy Central after the cancellation of her late… MORE

Nikki Glaser lands morning radio show with Comedy Central on SiriusXM appeared first on The Laugh Button.

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Hear Nikki Glaser on morning radio live on SiriusXM’s Comedy Central Radio

Comedy Central soon will have its own live morning radio show: You Up with Nikki Glaser. Glaser, who previously hosted a primetime TV talker, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, on Comedy Central in 2016, will host live Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern (7 to 9 a.m. Pacific) with her friend and […]

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Episode #188: Cipha Sounds

Cipha Sounds got his start carrying crates and opening for Funkmaster Flex and was a longtime DJ on HOT 97 in New York City and VJ on Yo! MTV Raps. But his comedy cred is just as impressive, serving as the DJ for Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central, going on tour with the likes of […]

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Artie Lange and Anthony Cumia are starting a show together on Compound Media

Anthony Cumia had been teasing a big change to his show for a while now, and today he made a… MORE

Artie Lange and Anthony Cumia are starting a show together on Compound Media appeared first on The Laugh Button.

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