Griefcast’s Cariad Lloyd: ‘Laughter? It’s about survival. It’s about living’

After her standup success and podcast about death, the comic’s next step was obvious: starring in a cancer-ward romcom

It wasn’t, I assume, the toughest decision in the history of casting. Who you gonna call, Finborough theatre, to star in your new play about a comedian and improviser grieving her dead sister and tending to her dying mum? A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York City (yup, that’s the title) could have been written for Cariad Lloyd: comic, improviser and creator of Griefcast, the award-winning podcast about death. Talk about typecasting. Getting to grips with the role of Karla was hard, says Lloyd, “because I had to keep reminding myself, OK, this is where she’s not me.”

In fact, the play is a 2016 off-Broadway success, whose writer, Halley Feiffer, is now working on a new Jim Carrey sitcom. Its maiden UK production coaxed Lloyd back to theatre after years in comedy, improv and, latterly, parenting. “I’d wanted to do a play again for ages,” she tells me over tea on the afternoon of Funny Thing’s opening night. “But initially, because of the baby” – her daughter is 22 months old – “I wanted to say no. Then I read the script and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s really funny. It was annoying, but the part was just really funny.”

A Funny Thing Happened… is at the Finborough theatre, London, until 27 October.

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Marc Maron: ‘I’m familiar with coke, anger, bullying, selfishness’

The Glow star and hit podcaster talks drugs, divorces and his ‘horrible’ feud with Jon Stewart

The night before I meet Marc Maron, I go to his standup show in London. These days Maron is best known for his hugely popular podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, which he started in 2009, and on which he has interviewed everyone from Barack Obama to Keith Richards and Chris Rock. He conducts most of the interviews from his garage in LA, and they are almost always revealing and always entertaining. In 2010, Robin Williams talked about his depression and addictions, four years before he killed himself. Obama talked about the racism and African American stereotypes that shaped his sense of self. WTF now gets 7m downloads a month.

But in the 90s, when I first discovered him, Maron was not known for his empathetic dialogues; rather, he was seen as an aggressive monologuer. Back then, he was a struggling standup, with a style that was often described as angry and arrogant – or, as his friend Louis CK once put it, “a huge amount of insecurity and craziness”. He was known as a comedian’s comedian, which is a nice way of saying the industry liked him, but audiences didn’t.

Some of my behaviour was not great. It was emotionally abusive

The food stuff is my deepest issue, more than the drugs. I guess it’s about self-loathing and control

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Podcasting is coming into its own and the comedians that helped build it are poised to reap the rewards

Podcasting is a major channel for comedians, many of the medium’s biggest stars are comedians. It makes sense, because who… MORE

Podcasting is coming into its own and the comedians that helped build it are poised to reap the rewards appeared first on The Laugh Button.

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These Niche Podcasts Were Made For You! by Brian Alexander

TO: Marginally Attractive Men in Milwaukee. Do you live in Milwaukee? Do you consider yourself a man who’s at least marginally attractive? Then this podcast is for you! Okay, we know that’s wildly specific, but that’s just the type of zany fun you’ll find in our hour-long episodes where we only discuss the guy stuff […]

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“Veep” star Matt Walsh shares his pro podcasting tips

Matt Walsh — Veep star and UCB co-founder — visited his pal Stephen Colbert over at The Late Show recently, and while… MORE

“Veep” star Matt Walsh shares his pro podcasting tips appeared first on The Laugh Button.

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Episode #136: Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman got his first big break as a writer/performer on the HBO cult classic, Mr. Show with Bob and David. But he’s responsible for many more big breaks, not only as host of the Comedy Death Ray and Comedy Bang Bang live shows at M Bar and the UCB Theatre, but also as host […]

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