Samantha Bee Meets the Only Pastor to Leave Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board

Back in August, Seth Meyers did a fascinating segment on Donald Trump’s longtime “spiritual advisor” Paula White, a televangelist who believes that wealth “is a sign of God’s approval” and believes that Trump is “saved” despite never going to church and, well, all of his other actions in life. A great segment to counter that […]

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Tez Ilyas: ‘When comics talk about religion, it’s not very funny’

His show Made in Britain debunked myths about Muslims in the UK. As he returns to Edinburgh, Tez Ilyas talks about the cut and thrust of panel shows and why the fringe is like a freshers’ week for standups

Hi, Tez. This is your third standup show. What’s it all about?
In the crudest terms, the first one was about religion, the second was about culture and this is about politics. It’s called Teztify. I confront a lot of the assumptions people make about me. The main one is that I’m religious in a secular world and an extremely secular industry. I had a working-class upbringing in Blackburn, my politics are leftwing and I’m a man of colour – these are what I talk about.

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Seth Meyers Introduces Trump’s “Spiritual Advisor” Paula White

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers checks in on Donald Trump’s evolving views on God and religion and how, despite claiming the Bible is his favorite book, there’s no record of him ever attending church services during his presidency. “And that makes sense, because Trump would hate church. It’s an hour […]

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Does God exist? Stephen Colbert debates Ricky Gervais on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert is a devout Catholic. Ricky Gervais is a proud atheist. Although Gervais described himself more as an “agnostic atheist” on Wednesday’s Late Show, after Colbert questioned him about his Twitter fights with critics over religion. Can you believe in religion and science both? Why do we have something and not nothing? Roll the clip!

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